Help for minecraft gamerpack horizon?

can someone tell me the code for the minecraft gamerpack code so I can get it on horizon when I type it in it just shows 2 not the mob pack or anything

584111F7 is the title I.D. for Minecraft. I think that’s what you’re looking for.

no that code just gives the 2 gamerpics of steve and the creeper im looking for other gamerpics from minecraft like mob gamerpack and stuff

Just put the title id and wait for an hour or so then you get all of them. I have done it. Patience is key !


oh cool btw there is some gamerpacks that I want but how do u find there codes bc none of them u get from a game u have to buy them and say I type like McDonalds gamerpics I cant find them how would I find the code

A quick search gets you the answer:

Please search before posting in the future.

I seen that post befor but it don’t work on my pc i don’t see open inmage in new tab

I believe only Google Chrome has this feature. Please tell me you aren’t using IE.

Chrome > All

im using internet explore

I’d suggest you download Chrome since it’s 10x better than IE and has the feature of opening an image in a new tab since that is what you are wanted to do to get the Title ID of a game.

ok and one more thing on there is no flap jack or chowder gamerpic on it but they are on xbox live store do u know the code for them

Flapjack and Chowder are both on that site. Flapjack, which is included in the Cartoon Network gamerpic pack includes Chowder as well.
The ID is 544607f3.

oh sorry I quess I didn’t look hard enough D: