Help me to Soft Modd Xbox 360 Console to play backup games on external Hard disk

I have a xbox 360 with dashboard 2.0.16197.0. Does anyone know how to Soft Modd Xbox 360 “console” to play backup games from maybe a external USB Hard disk or downloaded games dumped on internal 250 GB HDD?

My local technician has confirmed that this is possible. So just curious and want to know if it can be a DIY!!!8)

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Wouldn’t it be easiest to just have your technician do it if he’s trustworthy, says it can be done, and knows how to?

It’s possible? I never knew that. >.<

This title is very misleading… I legitimately thought this was a tutorial, until i opened it. Maybe a better title next time?

xk3y - Play all your Xbox 360 games from any USB drive!

It’s possible? I never knew that