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Help needed Dragon Age Origins modding for xbox 360

i have attempted to edit with HxD …file corrupt
i have attempted to edit with GFF…file corrupt
i have watched countless vids until my eyes fall out
moved xbox 360 save to usb
turned off xbox 360
removed usb
attach usb to pc
run horizon
extracted save file to folder and backed up
dragged save file to horizon
open contents
extracted savegame.das
extracted savegame.das.x
open savegame.das in editor
edit/change one item +1 willpower to all attributes 999999999
replaced savegame.das and savegame.das.x
save,rehash, and resign
save to usb
tried to do it both ways:
overwrite savegame
delete savegame from usb and then save modded savegame
i do have both the online version/some DLC and 2 disc/DLC
have tried using online and offline account
offline show dlc as corrupt
all modded savegames have shown to be corrupt
i could really use you guys help
i must be doing something wrong, but for the life of me i can’t see it

First off, welcome to WeMod sdled!

Second off, let me say that I have never played Origins nor do I know anything about save editing or hex editing files of it.

I see you said you’re trying to go from +1 willpower to 999999999. Have you tried to do a much smaller increase yet to see if that does stick and not corrupt your save file? I ask this because I have done a small amount of hex editing myself and have found that trying to go really big with values usually corrupts the save. These are only my personal experiences and I’m not in any way saying that what you are doing is incorrect if you are in fact watching tutorials that are accurate.

The games I hex edited saves of and was successful with as far as numbered values were concerned I would wait to say get a value of 10 for arrows and then edit that to 99. If I ever tried to hex edit from a single digit number up to double digit it would corrupt it. From 99 when I hit 100 by collecting one arrow I could then easily hex edit the 100 value to 999 as I was simply changing the 1 to a 9, 0 to a 9, and last 0 to a 9. You see where I’m going.

I think I probably went way off your topic question quite a bit. But I would like to help if I can. I do have a Jtag and could download the game & dlc and test hex editing myself to see if I can help.

What I would need from you is your Xbox 360 save file(s), an accurate list of what DLC is required for for this to work so I can download them and what title update you are using. The most reliable tut or video you’ve watched. And more than anything TIME. I am quite busy these days but could give it a shot when time permits.

yea fig that out and got it working thanks for your help
i wasn’t paying attention to my code
and your right about the over powering
also .bin file may have been corrupt and can be replaced with another save game
i kept forgetting to rehash and resign i had a brain fart
thanks again for your help

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No problem. It’s trial and error, sometimes a lot of error but eventually you figure it out if you do keep trying. I’ve been through it myself. Glad you didn’t give up and got it done!

yea i youtube it if you like to check it out
i put up a post on it in xbox 360
if it doesnt get rejected again for some reason may have been a link to another web site in my thank you section
it 1hr long but funny and hopefully educational
here a link