Help needed - how to install god games on hdd

Hello, I have a problem and I came here in hope that someone might help me.

I downloaded recently a god game - Resident evil 4, but I can’t figure out how to install it on my xbox 360.
I searched around the internet, I read 2 of Aden’s tutorials (I followed both but it didn’t worked), so now I come here for help.
Problem is, I’m really new into this stuff so I need some basic info.
I have a Xbox 360 - jasper version, with a 20 gb hdd, soft modded (by a friend). My console is banned.
So, how can I install RE4 on my console ?

  • one of Aden’s tutorials says to use Horizon - but how can I use it ? - on the pc ? because I can’t copy it on my xbox. I really need some basic info. I copied Horizon on a usb stick and plug it on my xbox, but the console does not recognize the program, and I can’t copy the game or install it.
    I tried the other tut - turning the game into an iso, and burning on a disc, I followed the tut step by step, but in the end, my console does not recognize the disc.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

You need XBL to play GOD games (I think) And you’re banned so you can’t.

Also you put the GOD on a USB (with Horizon) then copy the GOD onto your HDD (via Xbox 360)

If the console if flashed then just download the ISO and burn it with IMGBurn on a slow speed.

why would you need xbl to play god games ? you can play them offline.

You need XBL, the profile, and a transfer cable or USB.
Just put the game on the usb with horizon. The everything else.
The profile needs XBL to retrieve the info for the game.

You need XBL? I used GoD containers all the time on my jtag…

I put them on an usb, but how can I copy them on the hdd ? (the xbox 360 hdd).

so, if I don’t have acces to xbox live, I cant’ play god games ? :anguished: (even if I get the games from torrents ? )

ups, sorry for double post.

Go to your memory devices. Then select the game you just installed. The choose “move” the to the HDD.
And yes. You NEED live.

I think it’s because JTAGs can play games without a disc, a regular Xbox/flashed Xbox can only play games without the disc if they are online with a GOD game.

If I need live, all is for nothing :cry:.
There might be any other way - like if I JTag my console ? (whatever jtag may be…)

If the Xbox is flashed then burn a disc and play it. Most Xboxs aren’t JTAGable. They can’t have been on Xbox Live for a year and a half.

I can’t burn on the disc, because resident evil 4 was originally released only digitally (on xbox live), so there’s no iso to be found on internet.

But I found this tutorial -

that says I can convert god games to iso and burn them. Problem is, I followed it step by step and it’s not working. - this means I need jtag in order to work ?