help on horizon xbox 360

I haven’t been able to open horizon for a week, after more clicks I just load it for a few seconds and in the end nothing happens… I already tried to reinstall it, open it as managed, deactivate the antivirus, deactivate the firewall, open it with internet disabled, but it always gives me the same result of loading for a few seconds and never opening…please help

It keeps launching in offline mode for me and not connecting to the servers, how do I fix it?

I still can’t open the program, someone please help :frowning:

Are you referring to Forza Horizon 5? If yes, unfortunately, the trainers for this game are no longer compatible with the newer game versions and will most likely not receive updates anymore because of the game’s anti-cheat system.

no, I am referring to the Horizon program that is used for xbox 360

The program has been discontinued. That’s why you can no longer use it.

oh really? Do you know any alternative to that program?

Unfortunately we wont be able to help you with that here, This site is for the Wemod app and its against the rules to share other trainer sites.

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