Help Setting Up Dishonored 2 With Infinity

Hi guys, really sorry if this is the wrong place to post help but I downloaded Infinity maybe a week ago and can’t seem to get it running and have thoroughly looked around the forums and either can’t find or understand anything related to my problem. I finished Dishonored 2 on the Xbox and decided to try it out on PC to do a playthrough with infinite mana and other such cheats. As I already own it on Xbox, my PC Dishonored 2 is an illegitimate copy. I’ve heard WeMod does not support illegitimate copies but I’ve also heard it can still recognise them given the files are changed too much.

When I originally tried to set up the game with infinity, I chose the custom directory wherein Dishonored was kept, then hit play and a little “tick” showed up so I assumed it was working. However, when I tried to activate any of the cheats they would turn on for a second then turn off. Nothing I did seems to get to stay toggled and nothing changes in-game. Just recently I downloaded and ran an “ICDV2.bat” (see here: - ICDV2.bat -) but now infinity won’t even recognise my game. I’ve pretty much given up and have only posted this as a last resort. If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m not very tech savvy (I usually just stick to Xbox) and really just guessing and checking. Any help would be much appreciated!

Well like you said. Cracked copy might or might no work. You need the correct version for it to work. Otherwise it won’t. Try to find the latest version cracked and try again.
If it won’t work sadly no one can really help you

I believe you may be right as I booted up Deus Ex Mankind Divided (legit steam game) and that works fine :frowning:
Guess I’ll have to buy it again.

Yeah dude, hes right. It depends always on how much a crack change the game. If its too much the game maybe crash with Infinity.

You could always try to find a crack that works with infinity. Or pick it up cheap. It holiday sale on steam anyways

@colossiss Try to get a version that’s close to steam version. You can sometime find newest versions cracked too

But yes, the game had a lot of updates so it wouldn’t work for v1.0 or lower crack copy versions.

Yeah, downloading it again’ll be a pain. That’s for all the replies though guys!

i have the exact same issue and my game is the crack, it says its connected to the game and all, but when i activate the mod, it just deactivates a few seconds later

Infinity does not support cracked versions.
If you have problems with it we can’t help.

Only thing you can do is getting the newest update available or buy the game