[Help] Skyrim WereVampire Lord

Hey XboxMB, I’ve been playing Dawnguard a bit and I know it’s possible to be a Vampire with the beast form ability but I’ve been trying to figure out if I can be a werewolf with the vampire lord ability? I prefer the Dawnguard side and I was wondering if there’s a way to set my character to a werewolf and then add the Vampire Lord ability.
Any help would be appreciated.

Become a werewolf, go to the PC, and do the “psb” command

I’m pretty sure as soon as you use either werewolf transformation or vampire lord the other spell/power goes away.

Nope. It hasn’t for me, at least.

it doesn’t go away, but you do lose some of the vampire characteristics when you finish a werewolf transformation (eye color, etc), as I’m sure bawlz has noticed. so you’ve got to change back into a vampire lord really quick before you go into the vamp castle or else they… really won’t like you that much.

there probably is a console command specifically for the vampire lord power, but not all the codes are known yet since dawnguard hasn’t actually come out on pc yet. so yeah, psb is probably the best bet. I will say though, that the method people use to add dawnguard stuff from a pc version w/o the content to an xbox game, the vamp lord power doesn’t always work with psb.

You can use

help faction 0

And add yourself to the Vampires faction (look for a code starting with 020 instead of 000) and the werewolves faction, so there will be no problem. But I am a hybrid and have no problems.

does the normal vampire faction work, or is there a second vamp lord specific faction? I realize you can be both factions, but if you wanted to join the dawnguard as he wants, aren’t they going to recognize you as a vampire? As I said above, I know that if you use the werewolf power and then go back to the vamp castle w/o turning into a vamp lord really quickly, they won’t recognize you as vampire, I just don’t know if that actually works for the dawnguard or if they will tell you to go cure youself still. and even then, giving yourself vampire lord power with console, I’ve not really seen a modded save where the power worked right yet.

The Vampire PC faction already in the game will cause you to be attacked immediately. So there will be a Dawnguard faction for vamps. Might be on the wiki.

EDIT: Yep, definitely a faction for the Volkihar Vampires: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Volkihar_Vampire_Clan
Look up “Dawnguard” and it will mention that the Volkihar Vampire Clan is a new faction.

No idea how well this will work, but you could try this:

player.addtofaction 020071d3 1
setally 020071d3 00000db1 1 1
player.removeperk 0002BA1D
player.addspell 020037E9
player.addspell 02003577

-the remove perk removes the werewolf feeding ability as that conflicts with the vampire feeding ability, having both would negate the vampiric feeding and only keep the werewolf feeding
-the first addspell adds the new version of the vampire disease while the second adds the vampire lord power

Hey Buddy There Is A Ring That Can Transform You Into A Werewolf It Is The Hircine’s Ring This Is It :thumbsup:


The ring only gives effects if you are a werewolf to begin with and that effect is just an infinite number of transformations within 24 in-game hours.
UESP Article

and that isn’t even what he is asking for.

Even if it was, a better way would be to add the spell that allows the infinite transformations (000F8306).

Also, it is possible to add the cannibal perk while not using the Ring of Namira (but equipping the ring and unequipping it would remove the perk), that EditorID is: DA11Cannabilism and the Form ID is: 000EE5C3.

the vamp lord power actually solves those pesky feeding problems that used to exist with being a vamp/werewolf hybrid before, as all you have to do is transform into a vamp lord for a second or two and then turn back human, and you can feed again. and thankfully so, because otherwise the vamp lord questline would be bugged.

I would suggest a little experiment here. if you can find a modded dawnguard save with psb where the vamp lord power works (mine doesn’t or else I would try this part), or go through the dawnguard side of the quest until you get the option to become a vamp lord from what’s her name. then use the beast form power and revert back so you have normal eyes. the vamps won’t recognize you as one of theirs when you do that, but I’ve never seen if that works with the dawnguard not recognizing you as a vampire as long as your eyes are normal. Really, that’s the only way you are going to know if it works, if you try it out. I’ve never chosen the dawnguard side though, so I don’t really have a save close enough that I could try that out really quickly.

since it works with the vamp lords not recognizing you, it may very well work the same with the dawnguard, but idk. you might just have to wait until the pc release when a few more of the commands will be known, you can get a working vamp lord power added.

That makes Dawnguard hostile towards you no matter what which isn’t good for me and the factions don’t help when I want the Vampire lord form and Werewolf form. I don’t want to be a vampire though, just have the Vampire lord ability.

The Dawnguard kept trying to kill me so it wasn’t working and adding only the vampire lord power didn’t work.

That is solved by transforming into the beast form for which state you want to feed then transforming back to normal.

That only works if you are a werewolf already, and adding it’s power when it isn’t equipped doesn’t work either