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Hey all! I have a bit of an issue right now, and I was wondering if anyone could be kind enough to help me. Quite some time ago in the early days of the 360 and in my teenage years I thought it be a bright idea to use the game adder on Horizon and add every game on the platform to my profile. But this was a bad idea, as my profile is so cluttered now it runs like a slug and has been for quite some time. Today I decided to once and for all fix what I once did all those years ago, but I have found my self to be in quite a dilemma. I have done some re-search on the matter and found some old tools that I do remember using like Profile editor and Leflufie (How ever you spell it) and was told to use these to put achievements onto my account, although that is the opposite of what I wanted to do, I believed I would’ve been able to clear the games with the same tools, but sadly I could not, well at least I couldn’t figure out how, using Profile Editior and Leflufie, so I did some further research and came up with this new tool which I was not familiar with as it was not one i used back in the day, anyway I then went to use velocity, and attempted to remove the games that way, but was unsuccessful. I even went as far as deleting all my GPD files but found when I went back to my Xbox the list of games in my achievements would still show even though there 0G. Id appreciate any help or advice I could get on the matter as I’d really like to clean up my profile so its not so slow anymore. Cheers


As far as I know, there is no way to remove gamerscore for a game that has achievements unlocked either legitimately or illegitimately.

With that said, your profile is slow? Can you elaborate or is it just laggy when you use that profile on your console? Games with 0G can be removed from your games list by pressing ‘X’ with that game highlighted in your library.

One thing you can do to mitigate the slowness is to re-download your profile to your console so long as it’s a LIVE account [this way you keep your gamerscore]. Instructions are here: There are drop downs for both adding and removing.

Let me know if this helps you out :smiley:

Hi @User_N4m3!! Thanks for the quick response. So I’d just like to clarify a little. These games which are listed on my achievements have 0 Gamer score, as I did not mod it so I have every Achievement unlocked, all I did was add the games to my account through the Game Adder on Horizon. I am aware that I can remove games with zero Gamer score by pressing the X button on my Xbox 360 controller when viewing my achievements, but this has become a useless way as the account has over 1000 games on it and even with zero Gamer score the loading times for each and every game is ridiculous, and has become very impractical. To elaborate on what I mean by slow is, the account for starters takes a huge amount of time to download, as it is so cluttered with these empty achievements listings. Also loading up simple things like seeing my achievements takes for ever. I even had it so the mod tools e.g Horizon, Lefluffie, Velocity and Profile manger all crash/freeze when I try to load up achievements as it is too much, and sometimes it does not crash by takes about 5 minutes to load. Just to clarify this is indeed the reason why it is slow and nothing to do with my Internet speed, Xbox, Computer etc, these have all been ruled out, it is without a doubt in my mind those empty achievement listings, I just wanted to get that across just before anyone else responds saying the issue isn’t or might not be with the empty listings, as it is. So my ultimate goal is to find a way to reverse what I did and only have the games on here for which I have played and have achievements for legitimately.



Thanks for the clarifications. After some brief research, I haven’t found any practical way to simultaneously remove several games that have zero achievements unlocked.

I’d try re downloading your profile using instructions in the link from my last post and see if that removes the games. Be sure to only delete your profile.

Let me know if this resolves it or not :slight_smile:

I’m pretty good with Xbox stuff, but maybe someone else watching this thread can jump in and help out with a different suggestion.

I can confirm a big profile will make using a 360 painfully slow, recovering the profile wont help. I wonder if you start recovering, then turn off the Xbox and flip the flag in Horizon’s Account Editor, might help a bit. For a short period of time, until the Xbox finishes recovering in the background.

The real solution is absolutely to remove all the games with 0G, I don’t know of a tool that allows you to do it, so at the moment you’re stuck doing it on the Xbox. I don’t know the details of titles are removed but It’s possible for the Xbox to do it offline on an XBL profile, so it’s possible for us to make a tool.

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