Help with injecting downloaded torrent games

Hi everyone. I am new here. Need some help. I have downloaded horizon put getting frustrated as i can not figure out how to inject a game that i have downloaded from gametorrents to my hdd. Or am i doing it all wrong? I just want to play the games i have downloaded. So if someone could be so kind to point me in the right direction. Thanks

Do you own a jtag/rgh? It’s not going to work on retail.

I thought horizon was able to load a game from a dlc into a non jtag console? Or am i mistaken.

You can only do that with DRM free content.

I will provide links for some DRM free content below.

Why can’t it be as simple like hacking the wii. Lol. I will downloaded after work and get back. So this method will work on a normal xbox?

Yes, DRM free games and dlc’s works fine on regular Xbox 360’s. Let us know if you need any further assistance or have questions.

Thank you so much. Been trying for a week to find a way. Will get back in a few hours.

i go to link and can see the games but not available?

Did you try the third link?

ok. see list of games. how to download? im use to torrents sorry

ok so when finish download just use winrar to merge files

Yes. Then drag it into Horizon and save it to your USB drive. Don’t change any IDs.

Awesome. I downloaded worms just to try and it worked. Thank you all. Now is the a site like gametorrents that would have the gods or dlc files?

Not much content is DRM free. You will find most, if not all content in the zippyshare link mentioned earlier.