Help with modding

does anyone know how to mod/change charterers in gta 5 offline?

Try following this tutorial:
And you cannot physically change the characters but you can definitely modify a character’s skills, money, etc.

What about Gta online hack tools that i don’t have to do a survey or completion ad. just something to hack it with because i need money.
<Please help>

their all fake, its just paid surveys their the only one benefiting from it.

stay well clear

If you have to do a survey they are usually a virus or a fake.
You need a JTAG/RGH to do that unfortunately.

Not too sure if there are any money drops being done anymore.

Those are not legit, don’t waste your time.

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if I was u I would not mod anything that other ppl can see bc u have a big chance of ban for moding online stuff

like x5STARKILLARx said, they are all fake. But you can mod the story mode player models and “stats” (money, weapons, etc)

Just use this editor.

How do You Jtag an Xbox 360 without taking a part the xbox?
im so sorry im a n00b.

You can’t.

next time you have such a common question, search it up on google.

hi I would like a bit of help of how to use some free mods! does anybody know how to get me some decent ones and get me mods for mw2? if you do plz send a contact request to : mrtayhd or add me on xbox my gt is : Gibzyyy. thx!

how do you mod!!! please reply

can you mod cars on forza horizon

Google Gta v Native Mod Trainer, with this mod you can change your character skin into Animals and any other Character(Pedestrians, Strippers, Bouncers etc.) P.S it also has First Person mod. It’s easy to install too!