Help With portable install or non admin install

  1. Why does it require admin?
  2. Could I get a non admin install or rar of the files (with it being non zipped)?
  3. I am on windows 10 22H2 home
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Thanks for reaching out since our last discussion on discord! When Chris is available he will lend you his assistance.


Horizon requires admin privileges since it installs on the C drive. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a version that doesn’t require admin rights.

You might be able to modify the install though?

That would mean we would have to redo the entire installer. Horizon is no longer support and there will not be any further updates. Xbox 360 has been EOL for 12 years now.

Would having a zip of the installed files not work?

The installer installs more than just the app. If you don’t have admin privileges on the PC then you need to ask the person who does.

Got a machine to run it on, I just need to figure out how to convert terraria worlds and player data to the pc and find out how to convert xbox minecraft 360 savedata.dat to bedrock.