Here is what would make me pay for WeMod every month

You take the ideas behind GameGlass and bake it into the WeMod tablet/smartphone/desktop apps. You already have the technical connectivity in place, the apps, etc. Make it so I can do your current functionality plus the GameGlass, and I will consistently give you money every month to maintain those apps and integrations, along with the “shards” or whatever you call it for all the games.

This makes a ton of sense to me so if you think otherwise, why?

edit: also Touch Portal, this type of functionality also makes a ton of sense to me.

Welcome to the community and thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion. :slight_smile:

Bear in mind that WeMod is dominantly a cheating software, not a (digital) controller developer. Designing cheats and designing a game controller are two different unrelated skillsets.

There’s also the increased risk of people getting banned, particularly from server-sided games. As many of them state in their ToU the use of third-party apps that give an advantage over other players is forbidden. I’d imagine GameGlass gives you an advantage over other paying players, which, as someone who works for game devs, I’d imagine would be something a game developer wouldn’t be particularly pleased about. Especially when it comes to esports, third-party control apps are likely to be considered a disqualifiable cheating offence.

WeMod as a third-party app is okay, since it cannot be used in multiplayer so you’re not getting an unfair advantage over other paying customers of the game. However, GameGlass appears to support server-sided/multiplayer games to provide a tactical advantage over those who do not use it, which might be a problem.

Our senior developer will look into your suggestion, of course and see if it is technically feasible. Though bear in mind as well that WeMod does not tolerate nor support cheating in multiplayer.

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Ah you make some great points, I didnt even think of the multiplayer aspect as I never use WeMod with multiplayer focused games.

You are absolutely right, now that you bring up multiplayer, I would indeed expect to use WeMod with a multiplayer game for the tablet/smartphone input control to make those games more enjoyable, and the “MOD” part of WeMod would be problematic.

Now that I’ve read your post, my idea isnt such a good one after all.

I want my cake and to eat it too!