Here's a Trainer i made within the last 12 hours(Divinity 2 Developers Cut Trainer(Created by Clan Centirio))

Just finished making this trainer(my first one ever) a few hours ago
doesnt matter when you open the trainer before or after u start the game
just try to make sure u have full health and magick before using the Infinite Health and Infinite Magick though it doesnt really matter i set those two cheats up so that way when u activate them it freezes their values so your health and magick cant decrease but can still regenerate, also just pressing the Kingdoms of Gold cheat will activate it and give you a Kingdom amount of gold :smile:

(edit) Works with the latest steam version of the game)
(2nd edit 1/24/17) for some reason mediafire likes to give false positives sometimes on files i will try a few different things and maybe upload to another file hoster, ive also contacted mediafire support to try to get them to fix this
(edit3) I ended up uploading to onedrive for now until hopefully media decides to get its act together lol
(edit4 2/10/17) i removed the link to download via mediafire as their customer support when i contacted them refused to fix the false positive)

these are the keybinds for the cheats:
Infinite Health F1
Infinite Magick F2
Kingdom of Gold F3

if you come across any issues just put a message down and ill see what i can do
(trainer isnt pretty but it does what is intended)

(working onedrive link to trainer)!Al-NPfjDXyQUiCvrxNd1P6-oCZfk


Is for the latest steam version?
Congratulations for the work, you can found wemod 2 in the future :smiling_imp:

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it should be my game is through steam and is fully updated

its been long time since ive played this game but if people have/show any interest in having this trainer updated (steam version only as i dont have any other platform versions) i can do so (especially since it still doesn’t exist on wemod for some reason after all these years all they have a gog “request-able” version) tho it may take a lil bit of time as i do need to make space for it and remember how i made my trainer :slight_smile: (if im not busy i may update it this weekend)


so ive hit a small roadblock on updating/recreating this trainer so it’ll take me longer to get done.

the primary issue is that for some reason when the game gets reopened the addresses for stats change so i need to work around that.
I prefer working with games that have static addresses for stats and inventory stuff as it makes everything much easier and manageable.