Hi all need help

i need help trying to mod for the 1st time,pulled my game off fallout new vegas, i can`t find any way to get stats up or get mods for the game.
any help would be nice, that is if you can still do any of that stuff any more.

The only thing you can do is either find a save editor or a save with what you want. We are not going to mod your save for you nor will a save editor be made.

i wasnt asking you to make one for me, the ones i find on videos are no longer up,just point me in the right spot, and i would like to get mods from nexus,and put them on my 360, but i never have done this stuff before, was looking for help to do it on my own that way i can pat my self ,never moded anything before. but if no one can help its all good, ill put it all back away, i was tired of playing the xbox 1,board of destny, fallout 4 .

The mods on nexus are made for pc and even a mod designed for the xbox 360 version would require a mod chip’d xbox (e.g jtag/rgh/etc). Basic save editing is the only thing possible.

I don’t have a secret save editor laying around, all I could do is google for one.

Nobody here cares about xbox 360 anymore, it is all about infinity now.

wow, they dont tell you that, dont have any games for pc, would have been nice to play them with new stuff, love being out dated, lol, and miss out on the cool mods. thanks marcus carr

Did you even google it? Save editors are out there for many games, even older ones. This one looks good: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/fallout-new-vegas-save-pack-editor.767646/#post-5603060

Some people here still care about 360, although it is pretty much all about Infinity now.

Please feel free to message me about anything related to 360. I still use stock and modified 360s on the regular and can usually find whatever I’m looking for. Take it easy.