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Hi there, new user + a question!

Hi guys,

I came across wemod but never took the step to download it today. What you guys do is innovative and really upgrades the whole mod-gaming experience. Props.

I’ve actually just wondered whether Wemod LLC has ties to China and whether such ties (be it at investor/board level, etc.) means my personal information might end up in servers in China. Understand it’s kinda sensitive stuff, but I’m not trying to be hostile. Wouldn’t change my decision to go pro or anything (really want that Monster Hunter Mod available) - I’d just like to know.


Hi welcome to wemod glad you finally downloaded it
Nope wemod is made right here in the good ol US
So go head and have fun !
And no monster hunter here at wemod sorry

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hi im new and i was wandering if the trainer works in multi-player online

WeMod does not condone cheating online and we do not test any of our cheats for online compatibility.

Ok ty