High Vcore Voltage (OC'd)

Just overclocked my 2500k. Never had or done any overclocking before. Everything is seemingly stable but my Vcore voltage while doing tests such as the Intel Burn test, ranges from 1.36-1.42. I guess 1.4 is too much according to everything I read. So if possible, I’d like to lower it to 1.35 at the MAX end.

I already lowered my cpu voltage offset to -0.0020. Not sure if I can much lower without the system crashing.

i5 2500k
Coolermaster 212 EVO
ASRock Z77 Extreme4

Every CPU/motherboard is different, so you have to keep tweaking the vcore and running stress tests. It’s a pain, so make sure you have a reason to overclock.

I keep lowering the vcore in increments, but it’s becoming unstable. I may just have to leave it at -0.0020 and deal with the 1.42 voltage

I’d lower the clock because that voltage is pretty high. What are your temps?

Not really. Sandy bridge was good up to about 1.5v then heat became an issue. Voltage matters less than heat.

I actually found out some better settings for my cpu and now I’m in the 1.34 range! Just did a Prime95 for over an hour, my voltage readings stayed pretty stable and low and my temp at it’s highest was 70C

What clock speed are you going for? On my 4690k I was able to get it to 4.6 @ 1.32 and the temps stayed under 80 with an ambient of about 28

You can go to 1.45 on the voltage on sandy for 24/7 clocks. obviously the lower the better but i wouldn’t advise going higher as cpu degradation will take effect a lot more! Just make sure you keep the temps under control (if it goes over 85 degrees then your hitting that wall you don’t want to pass much more. If you pass runs in Intel burn test which IMO is overkill for CPU stress test as nothing and i mean nothing will stress your cpu in real world usage like that goes for prime95 too. Then if you pass your okay… ISH. Good indication if your temps will be okay. Anything upto 80 degrees possibly 85 is okay in prime95 and intel burn test as nothing will ramp ur temps up like this.

Best way to test stability after a stress test is just general usage such as gaming for one!

the coolermaster 212 Evo is a mid range cpu cooler so don’t expect mad overclocks such as 5Ghz im afraid! You should easily get to 4.5 - 4.7 range with okay temps!