Hitman Absolution Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I appreciate you on that and sorry for the inconvenience. We have reported the issue to the team, and they’ll have someone test it. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get updates.

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Its all good. Yall are doing a service for us and we give the feedback on issues. Great service WeMod provides! Thank you all!

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Ghost Mode has disappeared from the trainer! What up with that?

Yeah I saw that too. Really unfortunate.\

I can’t speak for the trainer developers, but cheats are typically removed from trainers if:

  1. An update to the game makes the cheat impossible or too difficult to code.
  2. The cheat was causing the game to experience issues, such as crashes or freezes.
  3. The cheat was preventing player progression in the game.
  4. The cheat was causing players to be banned (ie, when an offline in-game item carries over into online games).

Judging by some previous posts above, it looks like #2 is the reason it was removed.

Ghost mode just flashes back when you enter the level, and you only need to turn it on after entering the level to avoid it, but instead of fixing it, this cheat has been removed, which puzzles me because I need this cheat so much

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But why we cant choose the previous version in wemod for using?

just because some users report a bug/glitch for one cheat, doesn’t mean it should be removed for everyone. These are cheats. Glitches can happen in any game, for any cheat. You use them at your own risk. Why ruin it for everyone else?

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