Hogwarts Legacy Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Is it possible to get a cheat for beast items to not decrease? Upgrading gear is a pain when you run out of pheonix feathers, and kneazle furs, etc!

I have over 600 hours of play in all four houses of Hogwarts, I have read most of the mod requests and am puzzled by the fact that I never experienced any of the problems others have had and I have the pre release PC version of the game with updates as needed for game updates.

I only have two mod requests.

I would like to see two mods implemented;

  1. Alohomora becomes a permanent ability once the first ‘Moon’ quest in your first game is completed, so in all future play, say in a new game in different house will have alohomora active. The mod I seek is to have alohomora work the way ‘Angi’ does it in the Falburten quest by just saying alohomora, the lock instantly pops off the door and no lockpicking puzzle to do. (Hint-hint see how the program does it for ‘Angi’, copy and paste)

  2. All spells are unlocked upon learning the first spell ‘Revelio’, but additional spell sets remain to be earned and when the game requires you to learn a spell you still go through the motions of learning it even though it is unlocked.

searchh nexxus both are already done

Sorry, nexxous is not Wemod and I personally would never use nexxous.
This is a Wemod site and about Wemod mods that would show up in my Wemod trainer.

But thanks anyway Liquidwearo for the input, it might be valuable to others.

yea ok a mod mostly is a cheat just like a trainer but whatever

Once again you are correct.
What you refuse to understand is the difference.
I tried both of the nexus mods you recommended long ago, well back in February.
Neither would work.
The nexxus community referenced me to all sorts of fixes, none of which worked.
I gave up on nexxus.
Now I’m trying to get Wemod to incorporate those mods into their Hogwarts trainer.
What is wrong with that?
Why does this effort make you brush it off with WHATEVER?

Any comments from you FLiNG?