Horizon - 1 Year Anniversary

I’m not even sure where to start O_o. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Horizon. One year ago, the program was released on Horizon360.net with high anticipation as well as high expectations, considering how long it took to develop. Honestly speaking, I don’t think we lived up to those exceptions until now. We’ve come a long way, with nearly 14 months of development and research. I want to write a little bit about the foggy history of Horizon’s journey.

Shortly before ModdedWarfare.com got shut down, gabe_k, superaison, and I had an urge to make an AIO modding tool. I didn’t know much about gamesave security, so I knew I needed Gabe as a partner. On July 26, 2009, superaison came up with the name “Horizon” to use as the name of the new AIO. A few days later I purchased the domain horizon360.net and began working on the SMF website whose theme was based off of a heavily modified skin originally created by DzinerStudio.

We began developing using superaison’s STFS class, which was VERY buggy and could hardly load any files. Gabe decided to go off and code his own while I worked on the server security/login functions. A few weeks down the line (I forget the exact dates), we had to boot superaison off the team due to inactivity. We couldn’t contact him for 3-4 weeks, and when we finally did, he had no progress to show us.

Now that it was just Gabe and I, we restarted the project and Gabe began his STFS, Profile, GPD, and FATX classes. I worked on game editors with no security (cause I’m so leet). On November 1, 2009, we had a build of Horizon that was semi-ready for the public to use, so we released it.

We fixed bugs that the community reported and created new game editors for the following months. In early February, 2010, Azzid Reign and I had an idea to host Horizon on se7ensins, so we abandoned Horizon360.net without telling anybody (SORRY GUYS) and moved to the other site. Azzid and I thought it would help out both communities and promote traffic. It was all good there for a few weeks, but development of the program became slow and tedious. The community at s7 did not support us at all, which didn’t contribute much to our sense of pride and dedication toward the future of the project.

On March 8, 2010, we moved back to Horizon360.net and apologized to the community for the stupid mistake that we had made. We lost a lot of dedicated members after we moved to s7. On April 1, 2010, I made my last backup of the site database, which held every forum post as well as the transactions for every payment of Horizon. Unfortunately, our datacenter lied to us and said that they installed the latest version of Apache on the server, when in reality, they had a legacy version installed. Sometime in mid-June 2010, our server was exploited using a hole in our version of Apache and the hacker gained full root access to everything. He deleted the site completely, leaving me with a worthless backup from April 1st.

One month before this happened, unknown_v2, a developer for “Valhalla” (another AIO modding tool), joined the Horizon dev team with gabe and I. After the site got hacked, XboxMB was created and we started Horizon again completely from scratch. We developed for four months and that work is shown in the program you are all using today :thumbsup:

Day 1:

I didn’t want to get too technical while writing that, but I’m sure it cleared up any confusion the community was experiencing about Horizon’s past.

I want to thank everybody who’s been and is just starting to support this program and community. Our tool would be worthless if it weren’t for the support we received from everybody in the past year. Tons of YouTube videos can be found of the old and new builds of Horizon and it pleases me to see that our tool has impacted the modding community to such a high degree. I also want to thank and congratulate unknown and gabe_k for staying dedicated to the project for all this time. My knowledge of modding would be no further than the latest build of CoDTool if it weren’t for their excessive dedication, patience, and hard work toward everything Horizon-related.

As far as the rest of the staff goes, I want to give a shout out to every staff member who’s helped with the site. These guys work their asses off everyday to keep this community in mint condition and it does not, under any circumstances, go unnoticed.

Even after all of this, I can tell you that this is only the beginning of yet another long journey of the greatest modding program ever created for the Xbox 360. You guys and girls haven’t seen anything yet :wink:

Thanks everybody :smile:

I have loved horizon since it has began development. I hope it lives on forever!

Great post cheater!

OMGz I just saw the moving horizon logo. I loved that from horizon360.net (good times, good times)

I just joined so I must try it, I have heard great things and plan on buying Diamond.


Amazing post, explains what happaned to some of us who weren’t quite in with the whole scene. I remember when we moved to S7 and then while using it and checking forums you guys disappeared from the forums… I was prettyconfused… Uhm I just had a Xbox logo fallign down my backgruond which I couldn’t click fast enough…wtf?!

EDIT: The logo brings you here; yay! ;D

I now see the Horizon symbol floating on the screen :smile:

It’s pretty awesome to see the history of the Horizon modding tool, and it’s awesome to have a solid site that’s dedicated to the tool.

so is the horizon update out!!!

Was a member since day one of the first site! Good times!

i miss modded warfare :confused:

That was a great read, I wish you all the greatest of success with XboxMB and Horizon!

I love this community. <3

Horizon <3

Wow… didnt know Horizon had such a long history, it was only recently that i heard of Horizon and even started to use it but so far i love it… and if its true that we havent seen anything yet then i am very anxious right now to see what else new will be coming after the preview about what will be in the next update for Horizon. Good Job everyone, specially Cheater, Gabe, and Unknown!

I read it all. <3

I know i just joined recently but still horizon is so far the best mod tool out. :smiley:

Remember First Seeing Horizon,I Knew It Was The Start Of SomethingEpic.
Thank You Horizon Dev’s And All Staff For Making It Happen<3

Thanks guys

congrats cheater, been here since jan 1, 2010 =D

Thank you for making Horizon and also all the Mod and Admins thanks.:):thumbsup: