Horizon - Achievement Unlocker - Timestamps

Can I unlock multiple achievements at once if I space out the timestamps or do I have to unlock one achievement online, sync it up to xbox live. Take my profile back into Horizon and unlock another achievement online, repeat.

Another question I’ve always wondered is… isn’t it strange if I unlock an achievement online, but my xbox profile is not really “online” on my xbox?

I did search around before I created this thread, thanks in advance!

You should be fine spacing them out like you stated. There’s really no need to unlock one achievement at a time.
As for your second question, the unlocked online option is mainly for real Xbox Live online accounts. If it’s a non-XBL account, it shouldn’t matter what you unlock. You could unlock 1mill on that and nothing would happen since you’ve never been online.

You should know that if you specify a specific time for your timestamp then the milliseconds will always show up as 000. Various sw programs out there search the achievements for multiple occurrences of that happening . It’s a dead giveaway that you’ve modded your achievements if you have several of these. There’s a couple of discussion threads on this site about that issue. You might want to check them out.

Does that only happen if I choose a specific timestamp (date, year). So it other words, if I a few minutes then unlock it online, the milliseconds will be legit, not 000?

Sorry for all the rookies questions. I have always unlocked them offline if I used the cheevo unlocker. I will also search around more and read different threads.

If you choose to unlock the achievement online using Horizon, then the milliseconds will be 000.

I’ve been asking for almost a year for the devs to fix it, but it still hasn’t happened.

Thanks for the respond! I will probably lay off the achievement unlocker for a while. If it’s possible for the devoloper team to make the achievement unlocker generate random milliseconds like 768, 243, 210 etc for each achievement they would help us all out.

Just put your profile on a flash drive, be playing the game then remove it unlock 1 with Horizon then put it back and continue to play, some games will automatically sync it with live at a checkpoint others wont, for that after the game go to avatar editor, save and close (but i would do a max of 4 this way) this is what i do for those annoying achievements i don’t care about