App Horizon

Horizon Doesn't Recognize My Usb


I configured it on my Xbox and still it doesn’t work. I’ve also tried to run it on administrator, but it still doesn’t work. Pls help!!!

P.S. My laptop is a Zedair Windows 10 32 bit


Ensure that your Xbox 360 hard drive has a drive letter assigned.

  1. Open Cortana/Search and look for Control Panel
  2. Open Control Panel ==> Administrative Tools ==> Computer Management
  3. In Computer Management navigate to Storage ==> Disk Management
  4. Look for your Xbox 360 hard drive in the list, if it does not have a drive letter, right click on the partition and click “Change Drive Letters and Paths…”, click “Add…”, it will assign the next available letter in the drop down box, click “OK”
  5. Go back to Horizon, the Xbox 360 drive should now be visible.