Horizon Download The site ahead contains malware

Hi guys i factory reset my computer recently and i went to redownload Horizon and it said that the site ahead contains malware i ignored this and downloaded horizon anyway because i trust Horizon i was just wondering if anyone else had ran into this problem

False positive. You can download it from here also: https://www.horizonmb.com/client/v2/latest.php

my laptop constantly tells me the application stopped working

Try uninstalling Horizon, and then downloading the one Chris posted

i had to reinstall it a few days ago after i cleared out my xbox 360 stuff (around 10 gigs of saves and editors ect) and it was the same for me i had to use the standalone version chris is linking to as the other one installed verious other software as well via what i guessing was a 3rd party installer it came bundled with.

Chris thanks for the download link also before i uninstalled Horizon and downloaded the one from your link the Horizon i downloaded first had ads when you modded saves is this a new thing for non members?

Are you sure that wasn’t from the bloatware the homepage installer is bundled with? I’ve never actually seen ads within Horizon, you should post a screenshot

Ah how do i post a screen shot i forgot

Hit Print Screen/Prt Scrn on your keyboard, then go to http://imgur.com/ and click upload, then hit CTRL+V to paste, start upload.

Once it’s uploaded click the image once, and then copy and paste the URL here

hears the photo of the ad on Horizon

If you don’t have an account or you are not signed in you will see ads.

yes how do i download horizon

Since you’re asking, just use this link: https://www.horizonmb.com/client/v2/latest.php

I noticed this last night as well, I do have an account and I was signed in.
I will check again when I get home from work today but I thought that was a bit strange seeing ads on my Horizon.

I just took the latest update(, and when logged out I can see these adds now as well.

That’s not going to improve on the amount of “Horizon has viruses” topics.

Also… saying that it is a false positive isn’t entirely accurate if someone was using the normal link at the top of the page. Even checking one of those boxes can still lead to having whatever crap adware it is offering to still be installed.

Adware is not the same as malware. Cheater would not allow it to be in there if it wasn’t easily removed and harmed your PC. You should always read what you are agreeing to install.

Except that doesn’t always work.
I’ve seen it happen numerous times with those types of installers where the same software declined upon is still installed.

and I would say that the one in that screencap is malware.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but I’ve talked with a lot of members that have never had an issue with installing. As for the screencap it is an ad and not bundled with Horizon. We do not intend for any user to download anything harmful, and to this date we have not received any reports of actual malware being installed with Horizon.

i ran into the same problem but it happened to me before i reset my computer