Horizon | Far Cry 3 Editor

The latest version of Horizon features a Far Cry 3 editor!

The tool is pretty much self-explanatory, but if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask by creating a thread in the Horizon Support section!

In addition, the following tools are now free to use:
Dead Rising 2 | Dead Space 2 | Halo 3: ODST | Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s


Awesome job guys, it’s amazing to what Horizon’s come to.

Great job Devs. :smile:

Good job :smile:

Can’t wait to actually get the game. Great job on such a fast takeover!

Good job.

One thing disturb me though, quick search? There are 13 items…

Finally thanks for the update!

Works like a charm!

great job got the game just need to crack it open

Awesome work, thanks for everything you guys do!

Haha, I think that is on the control by default.

My money dosent save? i type in the money i want and i press save but when i go ingame it dosent work O.o it worked the first time.
Edit: Nvm i didnt press ENTER when i typed the money…

Of course when my Diamond runs out and I only have $4.82 on my PayPal, but awesome to see the tool come out.

Awesome editor, just one thing tho, any chance there will be future updates to it for like health and so on. If its even possible.

awesome work devs keep up the good work

if I increase the wallet size with it stick in game? like if i increased it from 1K to 15K?



Pathetic. You guys disappoint me so much.

Where is my free msp generator?

When I put Unlimited Ammo to true, sometimes my guns don’t even have Unlimited, it shows the icon but my guns run out of what ever clip they have and then show empty but I can still use them like I am able to shoot once, it will switch guns and I can repeat the process over.

Thanks guys.Great editor as always.

Yes, this is because of the way the game engine works. To fix it, go to the locker or store and buy more rounds for your gun type and it should be fixed.