Horizon:Forza 3

i was wondering what you can do with the forza mods because im not v.i.p and i cant find

edit credits, xp and level

Im thinking about getting V.I.P. I was really excited for the Forza 3 mod tool but then found out it was for Diamond only :anguished:

The Forza tool is awesome… All the credits you want… Thats the most important thing :smile:

yeah it looks like its really worth getting diamond im thinking of getting it

If you mod forza 3 does this mean automatic ban from the auction house?

no, only if you go crazy and buy like 40 cars in 30 min

I’ve modded forza many times without being banned, just don’t mod anything too high.

Well i modded my money and when i signed on i got banned soo…

well you probably bought 10 cars in 5 minutes.

All of you that aren’t Diamond should seriously consider buying it :thumbsup: For multiple reasons :smile:

There is a link in my sig to buy diamond :smile:

“Click here to buy”: :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not banned yet and i modded money

Nope it loaded my profile and then i went to storefront and couldn’t get my credits.:stuck_out_tongue:


I have bought many cars on the auction house and gifted loads of very expensive cars to my friends and i havent been banned

i think that forza should be a “free” mod since its an older game now

i used a jtag to do my money modding and everytime i spent the billion straight up, no ban. 25 billion spent and i was only banned due to using a pc to copy the save game to try speed up the process. luckily i was using a spare gamertag due to being clever :smiley: use a second profile and start a new game each time you wish to do it, then buy a car from your main account. turn 10 will never ban the seller. if they really wanted to stop this then they would lower the max sale price in the auction house. as for more modding i believe they are adding an unlock feature for tunes and what not, and possibly a vip button. this is going by what valhalla has which i think unknown v2 worked on. so lets all keep our fingers crossed and hope they pull something better out of the bag :stuck_out_tongue:

also i do not think forza should be in with the free games as the security is extremly good, probs the best in any game so it must have taken alot of work to crack. and handing these tools out to everyone for free and the in game econimy would be crushed. those unicorn cars would be a nightmare to get hold of :anguished:

So what is the recommended safe limit to mod before you can get banned?

I use my jtag to sell 1 of my won cars for 999999999 and i aint been banned yet bought and gifted loads

50 Billion and dont go crazy and buy 100’s of cars in the auction house perma ban in auction house.