Horizon Game modding

Ok, this is just a quick question, for a moderator, that I have been wanting to know since I read the Horizon features.
As more games come along, will older titles become free to basic users of Horizon?

Great question. The answer is yes. If you have been with Horizon for awhile you would notice that past game modders have become free!

So yes, we will continue to do that.

YES i need to know too, i really need a modded halo reach campaign save :anguished:

Horizon is starting to look better and better to me everyday.
I REALLY want to get Diamond so I can have all features.

Now the reach modder will not happen for a LONG time so don’t get your hopes up.

well that sucks and it really shut me down if yea know what i meen… :cry:

That’s not true Theone. It’s unknown when it could be released!

Just buy it dude its only $5 a month.

That is nothing.

He got ya Theone.
You gunna take that?
He’s calling you out!

Well. The question was answered. For the sake of not prolonging this oh so interesting conversation.


Not everyone has the money for that.
My family is retarded.
They waste money on a big house instead of nice things.