Horizon | Gears of War 3, Crysis 2, Fable 2, and Naughty Bear Added!

[size=35]Horizon Update!

Gears of War 3

Crysis 2

Fable 2

Naughty Bear

Woot! Awesome addition, keep them coming. Like really awesome, can’t wait to explore the Forza 3 one.


OMG!!! epic gears 3? win!

Finally, will have a look into that Crysis 2 editor :smile:

Yay gow3 :smiley:

Lol Naughty bear.

Nice update.

Keep up the great work Devs and Staff :smiley: I knew GOW3 was going to be added sometime

**** yes. GOW3 O.o.

Thank you guys for this epic update!

ok so i just jizzed thanks dev team you guys are epic,amazing,smart,awesome, o and the best devs out there (not a fanboy) just excited for these tools

Gears of War 3 that fast? Great job and thanks to all the Horizon devs!

Someone upload a GOW3 SAVE NAOW.


Nice update, looks good :smile:

Looks great :smiley:

Wow, the devs have outdone themselves with this quick of a release of the Gears tool

yay for gears 3 :smiley:

Thats intense a gears 3 editor thanks this is awesome

Gears 3, this will be cool. :smiley:

When do you think we are going to be getting the “Gamesaver” tool?

Gears 3?
I don’t even.