Horizon | Gears of War 3 Profile Editor - Get Hidden Weapon Skins!

Horizon now has the power to let you use hidden characters and weapon skins in-game!

Download Horizon Here:
XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon

We also added a button to reset your stats in the Player Data editor :wink:



Epic = Famous “Invisible” Developer Skin

Xbox = Liquid Green

thank you but cant u be banned for this one like the camos and stuff

Is this diamond only?


Hell Yea!

wow, this would be a definite ban am i wrong?

but on a positive note, incredible work Cheater. Well done, truly amazes me how you manage to do things like this.



Awesome bro!

yea this is most likely a ban

I would not use the Epic skins online guys. But thanks cheater!

Do you hate EPIC or are they just the unlucky target?

It’s their fault for leaving it all on the disc. For the DLC all your paying for is the unlock hash.

I call BS.

Gunna be testing this out REAL soon. :smiley:
THANK YOU! :smiley:

Damn there’s alot of Se7ensins users making double accounts when they get restricted lmao fail more money for xboxmb.

sweet good thing i have the 2 bucks for 2 month extra account to try things out with :smiley:

Trying this out now :smiley:

So, what’s the extra chrs that are unlocked? The 2 you showed?