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How to Mod Borderlands with Horizon

Borderlands’ is a free tool within Horizon, you must be signed into Horizon to use it

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1. Move your Borderlands’ save from your Xbox 360 HDD to your USB.


2. Open Horizon with your USB inserted into your Computer. If your USB doesn’t recognize, run Horizon as Administrator! (Download Horizon Here.)
Please only download Horizon from XboxMB’s Horizon page

3. The device explorer will show, located to the right of Horizon.

4. Simply find Borderlands’ in the ‘Games’ folder and double click it!

5. Click the ‘Mod’ button located at the top of the device explorer

6. Once the editor is open you have multiple options to choose from, such as your Lever, XP Points, Skill Points, Money and a bunch of settings ranging from Weapon Proficiency Skills to Rouge settings, there is a lot to mess around with within this editor!

Simply to change a value highlight one of the settings and type in a number in the ‘Edit Value’ textbox and click ‘Set’!

[details=Information on changing values higher than a nine digit number]If you have no idea how to set custom values on the settings list here is how…

First of all, locate a setting you’d like to edit

Highlight the number and simply double-click your left mouse button.

From there on you can edit your values more than a nine digit number!


7. Once you have the stats you need, simply click the save button and move your USB back into your HDD!

If you have any issues with this editor post in the section below, if you have any suggestions please also say.

Horizon Support
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Horizon Suggestions
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I have done all the steps that are explained here, but when I load the character on my box, it starts the game over from the beginning with cinematic and character selection… What am I doing wrong.

Did you move the save back to your hard drive after modding it? You should either move it back or select to laod your game from your usb flash drive if you still have it there.

Yes I moved it back to the hard drive and then I just loaded the usb, the character shows up but there is no number where it says level and it loads the game from the beginning… I have modded other saves with Horizon and the work perfectly fine

Load from the hard drive then.

It does not matter which one I load from, it is the same no matter what storage device the save is on