Horizon | How to Mod DmC: Devil May Cry!

Download Horizon

1. Move your DmC save slot to your USB from your HDD.

2. Open the Device Explorer and navigate to the “Games” folder, select your DmC save slot, and either click the “Mod” button or double click on your save to open it.


Items: Here you can edit the amount of orbs, stars, and upgrade points Dante has.

Health: You can adjust the amount of health and Devil Trigger Dante has by adjusting the sliders; make sure you have the boxes checked if you want to have custom values.

Score: You can change the score rank for each mission in each difficulty by selecting the drop down menu.

Also click the button to set the mission completed.


The Unlocks tab allows you to unlock each piece of equipment for Dante along with the option to unlock all equipment at once.

You can also unlock difficulties without having to complete the previous difficulties to unlock them.


Here you can unlock all available upgrades for Dante without having to buy them in the store. Simply tick the box for each upgrade.

Profile: Advanced

As the name shows, this portion of the editor allows the user many things to mod.

Weapon Damage

Look for anything with “DVDmgType_weapon name”, you can then adjust the weapon damage value to your liking.


Change the amount of each type of key. This allows you to unlocks doors in the game which unlocks Secret Missions.

You may also see key values that look like this:

Change the value to “True” to have the key unlocked.

Lost Souls

Any stat that looks like that is a Lost Soul, simply change the value to “True” to unlock. As you can tell the first part is the chapter and the last part is the number of that Lost Soul in the mission (usually mutiple souls in each mission).

Secret Missions

Change the value to “8” to unlock.

Note: There are 21 Secret Missions.

[details=Vergils Downfall]
Although the editor doesn’t officially support the dlc, it does work for modding your items in the “Profile” portion of the editor, the ranks section might also work.

If you mess with a dlc save in the editor, make sure to backup your save, just in case.[/details]

If you have any questions, or need anything explained, feel free to post below.

Yes hi but um I tried mod my game for Devil may cry but the only thing that didn’t work was my devil trigger and now I have negative red orbs any ideas on what I did wrong?

I tried posting in the big reports or support forum a while ago how this editor was broken and nobody replied to it at all so I’m not sure if they just have been busy, are already aware of the issue, or failed to see that there is an an issue with this editor.

Link to my topics can be found here: https://www.wemod.com/forum/71-resolved/140996-devil-may-cry-bugs.html

Apparently the issue I commented about was resolved. Not sure if there is another underlying issue that may not have been addressed. Post your issue in a more complete manner (as outlined in the rules for posting in bug reports found HERE: https://www.wemod.com/forum/70-horizon-bug-reports/2152-bug-reporting-|-read-before-posting.html so that they can fix the problem)

When setting the slider for Devil Trigger all the way to max, is it supposed to give your infinite DT or not? It seems to give you infinite health when setting the slider to max for health, but not for DT.

Hi, I tried to mod the weapon damage with this using the example given but it does nothing. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for the giveaway stevewonda!

i just want a dean Winchester skin. his voice now fits him

For some reason no matter how much i edit the save, once i load it up on my xbox it treats it like a 0% save wtf?

Does it restart your progress? If so then the structure may have changed during an update and your save may be corrupted after modding it.

I have edited the game and am in the Succubus fight and can not use Demon grab. Help!