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Detailed video on how to mod Forza Horizon 2 by me.

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1. Move your “SavedGame” file located in “System, then Storage” on the Dashboard from your Hard Drive to your USB.

Here is a screenshot of what the “SavedGame” file looks like, you want to move the “SavedGame” with your Gamertag as the title.

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2. Now take your USB from your Xbox and move it to your computer and plug it in.

3. Horizon should find your USB pretty quickly, just give it a couple seconds. Once Horizon finds your USB you want to open your USB in the device explorer from Horizon. (Download Horizon)

4. Next you want to open the “Games Folder” in the device explorer and locate Forza Horizon 2.

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5. Select your “SavedGame” file and click the “Mod” tab in the top right of the device explorer.

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6. The Forza Horizon 2 editor will open.

7. Edit the XP, Level, and Credits to the amount you want.

Notice: To reduce the risk of any bans or resets that may or may not happen, mod as many credits as you want, then purchase all cars, upgrades, etc. This will leave you with a reasonable amount of credits that look more legitimate than “999999999.”

8. This is how it should look after you modded your save to your liking.

Note:If you are worried about being banned or reset, mod your XP, Level, and Credits in small amounts each day. This will reduce the risk of being banned or reset.

9. After you’re done and everything is modded accordingly to your liking, click the tab, then you want to take your USB out of your computer and plug it back into your Xbox.

10. Now you just want to go to the “Settings” tab on the Xbox Dashboard, select “System,” then “Storage” and move your save from your USB to your Hard Drive.

Now you have modded Forza Horizon 2, enjoy!

Superb job n i c k! This will surely help many.

I love the HMB Tutorials channel you made on Youtube, can’t wait to see more tuts.

Nice tutorial on how to… It’s nice to see that the editor changes the xp to the equal amount to the level. It was a pain doing that.

d(^_^)b --Thumbs Up

What would be a reasonable amount per day to add

For credits about 100,000, XP around 10000, but even then there is a chance of getting caught.

Can someone mod my game save and then email it back to me>?

I’m not able to see the “mod” ing tool.

thanks in advance!

It’s in the Game Modders tabs near the F’s.
It’s a free tool as well.

I have a quick question

Yes, sir/ma’am?

When i went to go buy cars athe the autoshow instead of it saving it said game failed to save please try again what did i do wrong

is this for xbox one

No, it is not. Take a look here for updates on Horizon working with the Xbox One:

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I do believe Horizon is only compatible with Xbox 360 games at the moment until an exploit for Xbox One consoles is found. So no, in simple terms, this is not for the Xbox One.

So I modded the level to 999 and can’t reset my rank? What do?

cant download 404 not fond

thank you so much my friend ,


my game save disappeared. level stayed the same. everything else gone

Did you make a backup?

The vip mod for horizon 2 how does that work?

how do you make your cars go faster I made the top speed 350 but none of my cars are faster