Horizon | How to Mod Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3!

How to Mod Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3!

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is available to anyone!

Download Horizon! (Click Image above.)

Go Diamond! (Click Image above.)
Diamond is $4.99 for 1 month (Recurring), $14.99 for 3 months, $44.99 for 1 year.


1. Move your Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 save from your Xbox 360 HDD (Main Hard drive) to your USB.

2. Open Horizon with your USB inserted into your Computer. If your USB doesn’t recognize, run Horizon as Administrator! (Download Horizon here.)

3. Go over to Horizon’s Device Explorer (Located on the right hand side) and then double-click on ‘Games’:

Not double-clicked:

Open Me


Open Me

4. Look for 'NARUTO STORM 3:

Double-click on NARUTO STORM 3 then select the save you’d like to modify:

Go ahead and click on the ‘Mod’ button, , and the editor will come up:

In this editor, can to many things such as unlocking items, modifying points, etc.

-Ninja Info Cards
-All Titles
-All Substitution Items
-All Audio
-All Music
-All Ultimate Jutsu

To unlock these, simply click on the tile you’d like to unlock.
The tile will then become an orange color. That means you have successfully unlocked the cards, titles, etc.

It will look something like this when all unlocked:

[u][/u]Ryo and Points[b][/b]

In this part of the editor, you can modify your Ryo, Hero Points, and Legend Points.
You can modify them to whatever you want.

The highest you can set your Ryo to is 9999999.
On the other hand, you can set your points to 2147483647.

To max all of the points, hit ‘Max’.

4. Once you’re finished modding to your liking, hit save, , and move your USB back to your Xbox. If you did not have it on your USB and loaded it from another specified folder, simply go over to Device Explorer, hit “Inject New File”, , select your save, than hit OK. That button is up near the top:

Enjoy your newly modified save!

Great tutorial Pavman!

Why don’t you two just stop sucking each others dick to realize that making tutorials for this site/tool is a waste of time?

Everything on the left doesn’t work for me… I only get max Ryo, Hero points and Legends points.

same here, the collection stuff doesn’t work. only the Ryo, Hero and Legend Points. a similar thing happened with the Ninja Storm 2 editor. try to get more SP, and it increase game time o_O