Horizon | How to Mod Oblivion for Xbox 360 and PC!

1. Move your Oblivion Game Save (The game save will be the name of your character in game) from your HDD to a USB (formatted to your Xbox 360.)

2. Open your USB in Horizon.

3. Under the “Game Modders” Tab on the top of Horizon:

4. After you have located the “Game Modders” tab find the “Oblivion” Modder should look like this:

Once you have found the Oblivion Mod tool, open it by clicking the Oblivion icon.

5. The tool should open up like this:

If your save is on your USB: Open your USB in the device explorer and locate your Oblivion game save under the “Game” folder on your USB, once you have found your save double click it to open your save inside the “Oblivion Mod Tool”.

If your save is on your desktop: Once the Oblivion tool is open click the button then locate your Oblivion save (again the name of your character) then open.

If your save is for the PC: Click the from here you should be able to find your save in your Oblivion game folder.

Note: Be sure to make a copy of your save in case anything happens so you don’t lose any of your progress in the game.

6.Once your save is open in the tool it should look something like this:

From here you are able to mod your stats, XP, agility, strength, luck, name and ect.

7. Once you are done modding simply save by clicking Horizon will save your changes that you have made to your USB/PC.

8. Put your USB back in to your Xbox and load Oblivin and select your modded save and enjoy!

(For PC users all you have to do now is start your game and again load your save)

If you need any help in modding oblivion (PC or Xbox) feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help out.

Have fun modding!

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Nice thread, should help many members!

gonna try modding my PC save, thanks venim

I have modded my xbox 360 save, when I load it back up, all my stats and skills stick and my level. But the weapon health doesnt stick and my money is 0. Plus, should I stick to staying level 1 and just build my stats and skills.

I’m having a similar issue, my character is showing level 50, modded to 50 from level 1 and just exiting the sewers. But the items I’m encountering are for level 1, as if the game still sees my character as level 1 still, including the order priests aren’t presenting the order staff for which only appear after level 6. Has anyone got any fix ideas for me?

This is for xbox 360. What do I do when it won’t save max level? I don’t know why but I was able to get it to save level 100 on 2 characters. I can’t save max level on a new character. And Horizon won’t load certain saves after they have been modded. But it will load others.

Hey, My XBox 360 locks up on the load screen when I try to load my modded file. I see that none of the above replies have been answered, so I don’t expect one. I thought I’d just give it a shot anyway.

The tool might be outdated. Delete any title update, clear system cache and start a new game.

It was a new game save. I’ll try to delete any title updates and clear the system cache.

Are you talking about the DLCs/Extra Content from the GOTY edition? Am I supposed to delete those?

I don’t know. Remove anything that might include patches. If you want to avoid the hassle of redownloading the dlc’s you can store them on a spare flash drive.

That did the trick. Thanks

i would like to know if there have been any updates for the mod that reads all DLC?