Horizon | How to Mod Resident Evil 6!


How To Mod Your Resident Evil 6 Inventory and Skills


Download Horizon!

Go Diamond!

1. Move your RE 6 Save from your HDD to a USB from your Xbox 360.

2. Open up your USB in the Device Explorer from Horizon ( Download Horizon Here )

3. Open your “Game Folder” locate the game “Resident Evil 6” hit the mod tab, and locate and hit

The editor should open up.

From here you can edit your skills like Firearm, melee, Defence etc, you can add skill points as well as unlock every skill by simply hitting the unlock 8 skills tab!

Inventory and Skills

The tool should look like this when the Inventory and Skills tab is clicked.




From here you can Change the Character, Class, Item etc. As well as the amount!

Note: Make sure to see the list below since some Characters can not use most guns and it wont show up in the real game.


Campaign Skills


From here you can change what skill you get in the Campaign for example Infinite Magnum, Handgun Master etc

Skill Slots

From here you can change the Amount of Slots.

The Mercenaries Skills

From here you can change your Mercenaries Skill for example Machine Pistol Master, Grenade Power up!

When done hit the tab, Move your save back to your HDD, and your done. Enjoy Horizon!

Thanks for posting this!

I guess I fail because the only thing that I have got to work is changing my skills to inf ammo other than that adding guns in from the start of the story or changing ammo values or other values has been a no go for me anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Could you please upload your save to Media fire and I will take a look.

I’m going to try this tomorrow thanks hero

Ever time i add guns and ammo ect… and load up my game i cant see them and ever think i had been reset to 0.

How much are you adding, and what gun?

It’s been stated that you can not add a weapon that would not be with that character. An example would be unlocking the Lightning Hawk(Magnum) for Chris, or the Grenade Launcher for Jake/Leon. Weapons that are character specific can not be swap to another character who would not normally hold it “legitimately”.

only skils are working for me not the weapons ammo e.t.c :confused:
what’s the problem
please please (help me out)

I play as Leon i added the Assault Rifle RN with 5.56 NATO ammo , Shotgun with 12 Gauge Shells, and 30 G-R Herds and 25 First Aid Sprays

same here skills only

Well really salute for your great job indeed, It is really helpful for me. I don’t have the perfect idea about these things.

Could you both upload your savegame to a file website like Rapidshare and let me download and see them?
Adding 30 Green/Red Herbs I don’t think would work, btw, as that would take up too much space in the inventory. I haven’t messed around with the add ammo/weapons much since I use the Training skill, but yea.

@Yolala @Paul

I will take look into it further when I get home, for now could you upload your save to media fire and sending me the link.

You can try only unlocking one weapon at a time.

u figured anything out??

savedata.bin Here is the LINK HERO

Thanks man, I will take a look at the save when I get home. For now have you tried unlocking one weapon at a time?

no u know i am acutally in bed :stuck_out_tongue: not feeling well so i did;nt checked :stuck_out_tongue:
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Zohaib Sherazi

Hey hero
Hero i need help regarding information of gamerscore modding,i modded gamerscore it’s being displayed on my offline dashboard and online xbox live dashboard
but now xbox live.com wat the matter can u help me??:confused:

so hero u checked?

Good job with the tutorial, Hero!

So your new unlocked achievements show up on xbox live but not xbox.com?
It may take some time to sync and show up on xbox.com

hero so u figured anything about my save game

I will take a look when I come home from football practice so around 2:30.

You can try unlocking one weapon at a time and see if that works.