Horizon | How to Mod TDU 2!

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (abbreviated as TDU2) is an open world racing video game developed by Eden Games and published by Atari. It is the tenth installment of the series, and the second to be marketed under the Unlimited franchise. It is also the second game in the series to be based on an open world styled gameplay.

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1. Move your TDU 2 save from your HDD to a USB device.

Note: Make sure you configure the device to work with both your Xbox an Horizon.

(How to format your device to work with your Xbox and Horizon)

[details=Open Me]• From your dashboard go to System Settings>Storage and locate your USB Storage Device.

• Once you have chosen your USB Storage Device, it should give you two options.

Option 1: Configure Now

Option 2: Customize

• Select Option 1 ( Configure Now )

Note: Make sure you have moved any Game Saves, Profiles back to your HDD before Configuring!

• Once you successfully configured your Device a message should pop up.

• Your device is now ready to be used with your Xbox 360 and Horizon!


2. Open your Device in the Device explorer in Horizon

3. Once done open your “Game Folder” select your Game Save, hit the mod tab, and select:

Note: The editor should open up in a matter of seconds, be patient.

The Test Drive Unlimited 2 editor gives you the choice to either edit Money, competition Points, casino chips, collection points, social points and also gives you the option to unlock all places in game.

Player Data

Here you have the option to manually type in the amount of Money, casino chops, competition points, collection points, social points and unlock all the places, or you could simply select the to max out the value.


It also gives you the option to edit the amount of points you have in areas in the regions of Ibiza and Hawaii.

You can either type in the amount manually or select the option to max out the amount of points!

Once you have successfully modified your save to your pleasing, select the and move your save back to your HDD in your Xbox 360!


Horizon Support
This is the forum to post in if you have any issues.

Horizon Suggestions
This is the forum to post in if you have any suggestions for this editor or other editors you would like to see within Horizon.

As always, an in-depth tutorial on modding like all of your other tutorials. Very descriptive and useful - especially the pictures. Very good for those who are new to modding and don’t instantly pick up on what to do. Well done!

Nice tutorial!

Everytime I mod this game save it deletes my progress and it wasnt modded. Any help?

Very nice tutorial, thanks for sharing.

great tuturial but you do no it does not work i dont understand why no gives a response that will either say yes i does not work or help it work again…it wpould be great if you could? lol nah but seriously if you have any answer would be great

As with most good mods in life, it could of easily been patched already. Problem with tutorials being posted by our members is that half the time they don’t test the actual editor before making a thread about how to use it, to confirm it works or doesn’t work on the latest update.

I have yet to try and mod my TDU since release date, but what did you mod/do?

The editor doesn’t work, it’ll bug you up.
There’s one way to fix it though; remove all of your patches ( as-in the Travellers ones, which are basicly the game updates ), make a save, drive around, save the game somewhere in a house, hop on the editor and it might work. I suggest HEX-editing though. A tutorial can be found on the XBOXMB forums :wink:.

Thanks for the advice! After a bunch of trouble, I figured out how to do this properly.

I had a saved game where I had played online with all the patches, but I had to back this up on a USB key and proceed to delete everything in my TDU2 folder on my 360 hard drive. I then started a new save and played until I got to my first house (the caravan), where I saved and quit. I modded that save through Horizon, then proceeded to reinsert it onto my 360 HDD and load up the save offline to make sure it worked. Then, I downloaded all the patches and loaded my save game offline (disconnected ethernet cable). I can now play the fully patched game with a modded save offline. I could play online as well, but I’m not sure what risk there is of getting banned.

Important point: any save game which has been played with the Mandatory Patch 2 (explorer/traveller pack) is no longer able to be modded. Doing so will reset the save game. However, I think I can still swap my modded save game with the unmodded one I backed up on a USB if I want to play online risk-free.

Realistically, what is the risk of getting banned if I take this profile online? I’ve got $1 billion in cash, level 59 global, and a few cars with level 4 tuning thanks to the points I got in discovery in Ibiza and Oahu.

There are no bans for this mod yet So go crazy

i need help cuz when i mod my tdu it freezes or my whole game resets and i got mad idk wat im doing bad pls help

Could you please share you profile link?

I have had problems modifying the saved game, the game restarts from the beginning, help please.