Horizon | How to Mod Your Fable 2 Strength, Skill and More!

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Go Diamond!

1. Move your “Fable 2” Game Save from your HDD from your Xbox 360.

2. Open up your USB in the Device Explorer [size=14](Download Horizon Here)[/size]

3. Open your “Game Folder” locate the game “Fable 2” hit the mod tab, and locate

The “Fable 2” Editor should pop up.

From here you can edit your Money, Renown, Morality, Purity!

Note: Hit the to increase the Money and Renown to the highest!
Hit the to Morality, Purity good. to become Neutral neither good or bad. to become Evil.


From here you can edit your Brutal Styles, Physique, Toughness.

Note: Hit the Tab to increase the Strength to the highest!


From here you can edit Dextrous Style, Accuracy. Speed!

Note: Hit the to Max out your Skill!


From here you can edit the level of your Will for example Inferno, Blades, Force Push and more!

Note: Hit the to Max out all your Will levels!

Hit the save tab, and your done. Enjoy Horizon!

Another great tutorial Hero.

Has this tool always been on Horizon?


It’s under Game Modders :smile:

i cant get the tool to work im at the start of the game should i wait until i get to a certain part?

Wait until you are Carecter is at Gpsy camp to mod save

It corrupted my file twice now…

Post a bug report, with links to the save(s) you are trying to edit. One of the devs will take a look.

Why are you still using this tool. It makes no sense to use a tool that was last edited 3-4 years ago. Go to Google and search up a new tool, that’s the most logical thing to do.