Horizon Icons



Internet Explorer










Mac Dashboard










Photoshop CS5


Feel free to use any of these without my permission…I am making more so stay tuned :smiley:
Use ConvertICO.com - Convert .PNG format files to .ICO or .ICO format files to .PNG : Windows Vista compatible icons to convert the .png to an .ico if your using Windows OS
Making more icons…will update soon

You can also request icons!

These are all amazing <3

That is actually Sexy.

Make a google chrome one and ill make it my picture for it.

make sure to release it also as an .ico so we can add it to files for the picture.

Wow, wasn’t expecting people to say its “sexy” when its a rough copy and its pretty choppy

Someone has good GFXing Skill not saying no names ^.

Hopefully that goes towards me lol!

Just about to update with Internet Explorer Horizon

I just made the chrome one and Safari,

use the website i posted on the OP to convert the .png to an .ico

Thats cool bro keep it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Good work there all good but my favorite is the Firefox one

Same, FireFox is my main browser and the icon i made for it is my favorite one too :smiley:

haha yea i dont no how to change my icon i keep trying but cant find it lol

That Is Sick :smile:

Thanks, Looks good and I needed a good Icon for FF

Nice, nice :smile:

i think the safari one looks the cleanest.

(Noob Time) how do you change it?

WOW. Epic. It’d be hard but make one for rockmelt? :laughing: if not im using the chrome or firefox one.

Windows = idk, there are probably tuts on youtube. i think its something with properties
Mac = right click on program, show in finder, get info, copy new logo you want, click the old logo of the program in the dialog box for get info, and paste it, the remove it from dock (if its there) and put it back

This is Great :smiley:

I would never be able to do somethin like this :anguished:

Make a shortcut for it then right click go to properties then click change icon :thumbsup: