Horizon install help

Trying to install Horizon on my PC again after it was identified by my anti-virus and removed. When I run the installer it gives me this error

My vague understanding is that it’s trying to reference an .msi that isn’t there and I don’t know of a work around.

Any help is great thanks.

EDIT Read a thread with the same issue, people said to run CCleaner registry and Windows Disk cleanup and it that still hasn’t solved it. (P.S. I’m running Windows 7 SP1, fully updated)

From what I understand, I think your anti-virus keeps deleting the installer because it flags it as a threat, which is false btw. Just disable your anti-virus and firewall and add an exception for Horizon and then install it, should work after that.

Thanks for the suggestion but I’ve already tried it. It’s looking for a file that isn’t there, doesn’t matter if anti-virus/firewall are up, if the file isn’t there disabling them won’t make it come back

Chrome didn’t block it.

“Show in folder” takes me to the location I saved it (Downloads folder), I have downloaded it to a different location and tried launching it from there but still gives the same error

Delete the folder the MSI file should be in. Delete all of Horizons folders from appdata(if there are any) run CCleaner. Disable your AV then download and install Horizon. There should be 0 issues with it unless something is deleting the MSI when it unpacks.

Okay, deleted Horizon/Daring Development folders that I could find and the msi folder, ran CCleaner, and disabled my AV. Ran the setup and it still gave me the same error, referencing a file/folder that doesn’t exist.

Yeah, found both of those and deleted them

The only other suggestion I have is to manually go through and delete registry keys related to Horizon. If you have to ask how to do this I highly suggest you don’t do it as you can removed keys that will mess with your computer. You can also try just restarting your computer to see if it works itself out. I’ve never had this issue and no one I know has either so it is really hard to give you a fix. I would suggest contacting your AV company and seeing if they have a suggestion.

I don’t feel confident enough to mess with registry keys, I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks for the help anyways

Don’t worry, I know most of this. I do regular defrags and disk cleanups. I don’t feel confident enough to edit my registry due to me messing it up (as you said the errors usually originated from the user). It’s unfortunate we couldn’t figure it out. But thanks anyway. I’ll do a defrag tonight and update tomorrow

Yeah, I meant update the thread here. I already have most of the available windows updates