Horizon installing but never opening

I have reinstalled Uninstalled it I have installed micrsoft framework 3.5 tried booting in offline mode wverything and it doesn’t give me an error or a logo nothing

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This is usually an indication that an antivirus program is blocking the software.

Make sure Horizon is added as an exception in your antivirus. And make sure no Horizon files are falsely quarantined in your antivirus’s quarantine menu / virus chest.

Still nothing whitelisted every single file that horizon worked with along with the exe istelf

And as a side note horizon used to open on my PC but after this reinstall it will not

I got it running in an old laptop


Thank you for the updates.

As it works on a different laptop, this indicates there is something on the one you originally tried installing it onto which was blocking the software. Likely a security program, like an antivirus.

Another thing you can try is updating .NET Framework to the latest version, which is 4.8.

were you able to solve it? The same thing happens to me, it used to work for me, but now it doesn’t open or the logo appears… as protections I have 360 ​​total security and reason cybersecurity… please help

How can I check all that antivirus stuff? What I have in Windows security is 360 total security and reason cybersecurity, please help