Horizon issue

Hi my horizon doesn’t work no matter how hard I try running it on admin mode even disconnecting to internet it doesn’t work and yep deleted all of anti viruses after it didnt work plus its upgraded to newest net frame work it’s a window 10 pc

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Add Horizon as an exception in your antivirus program.
When you have no third-party antivirus programs on your PC, the default antivirus program, Windows Defender, takes over. Windows Defender cannot be deleted as it is permanently embedded into the operating system.

Here’s how to add an exception in it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/add-an-exclusion-to-windows-security-811816c0-4dfd-af4a-47e4-c301afe13b26.

It like vanishes from task manager even the logo doesn’t show up

I’ll try what you method you send me wait

still no horizon it didnt work

so what now

Some more things to try:

  1. Run with administrative rights (right click icon–>properties–>compatibility tab–>check box for admin privileges)

  2. Run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 (right click icon–>properties–>compatibility tab–>check off ‘run this program in compatibility mode for:’–>select Windows 7 from dropdown list)

  1. Verify .NET Framework 3.5 is installed: search for ‘Turn Features on or off’ in Windows search in lower left corner:

Make sure the highlighted box is checked off or filled in:


If these methods don’t help, post back and we will try and help you further :slightly_smiling_face: