Horizon not allowing me to load a USB

Hi there.

So I’m trying to Run Horizon as Administrator
Step 1- successfully done, it askes me to allow this app… and I click Yes and it opens Horizon

Step 2- It opens Horizon, but throws the offline error message
“Horizon is currently running in offline mode! You have limited access to modding tools.”

Step 3- I click on 0 Devices Loaded and it gives me this error msg… telling me to run as Administrator

Is the problem that it’s not running as Administrator and if so, how can I do that other than the normal method I’m using?

Also, I tried configuring the USB on my xbox 360, but it doesnt ask me to configure it, it directly opens the USB. (so which tells me that it’s already configured) Is that so? and if not, how do I get the USB to prompt me to configure it? And is this also a contributing factor to why I cant load the USB?