Horizon not working. at all

I took a long break from using and even booting up my laptop. I have had horizon installed for atleast a couple years now and today, I tried to start horizon and my cursor shows it loading and then not. it used to work before but now not even the logo shows up. I have no idea why this is happening but its frustrating. any help is much appreciated

Have you tried reinstalling it?

I have tried reinstalling, running as admin, using the alternate link, restarting my computer, etc. It just wont work

Don’t know what to tell you then besides to do a fresh install of windows. There is no logical reason it would quit working since nothing has changed.

Define fresh install. Im running win10 32bit btw

I also checked to see that .net framework 3.5 AND 4.7 are activated.

I also havent updated a lot of stuff for a looong time

Is there a reason you are running a 32 bit version of windows? And fresh install means reinstall windows completely.

It came with 32 bit. But can you explain how to do this fresh install? I am kinda slow with this stuff. Also sorry if im double posting. Never posted on here before

I don’t recommend doing it if you don’t know how to do it already. It will delete everything on your computer. You can try disconnecting from the internet then start Horizon. If it loads that means something on your computer is closing it when it tries to connect to the server.

Ive tried that too. There isnt much on the pc that i care about losing since i just use it for games. So resetting shouldnt be an issue. Just need to know how to

If you really don’t care then download the usb install tool from MS (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10) then follow the directions. Make sure you have a copy of your network drivers or you won’t be able to connect again.

I would just google “How to clean install windows 10”. Do it on your phone/another computer and follow the directions. It will take an 1-2 hours

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Network drivers…? I think ill just try to have my grandpa help me out with that before i break something. Hes basically a computer wiz. Hes fixed stuff like this before

Network drivers are motherboard specific. You can just google your motherboard model and then search for a list of drivers and download them to a flash drive so you can reconnect in case the reinstall removes the current drivers.

If you want to just reinstall, you can just do a full reset by going to the settings then “Update & Security” then “Recovery” and you should see an option to begin resetting. It’s an automatic process and may take a few hours to completely finish.

@Chris @User_N4m3

So i just did a little test and tried using modio instead. It seems that didnt open either. Its not my antivirus or anything because i checked event viewer and it seems they both just crash immediately. So im totally lost

What AV are you using?

Definitely seems like something is blocking them from loading. Could be AV, could be third party apps. We’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

Is modio still a " thing " lol.
This one works for sure if not its something on your end


Yes Modio is still a “thing” for some gamers on this planet. I still have a working version installed on the POS PC I’m using to type this in on right now. I do still use it occasionally for certain things Horizon doesn’t have or that Modio does easier/better and am glad it still works for me. Xbox 360 and modding on it is still alive around my way. I know a lot of people either don’t want to believe it or just don’t believe it but 360 is still alive and entertaining many gamers around the world. It’s one of, if not the greatest console ever released so why wouldn’t it be? If it weren’t for 360 + Horizon, and you can throw Modio in as well I wouldn’t be popping in right now with my 2 cents. PCMasterRace is definitely real and the truth but Xbox 360 was a boss and will live on for certain gamers for who knows how many more years.

Ya I know how much fun it was I have a dual nand rgh and loved it did tons of fun stuff with it never did get into modio much but didnt even know modio was still around. With no new games and no one making trainers any more I had to move on. I was a moderator on xyzmods for awhile but they shut the damm place down with no warning or anything. the 360 was a blast and like you said was probably the best console ever
I used to love to upload games and dlc’s when it was kicking’

Well. Assuming av means antivirus, just windows defender and im fairly certain its not the antivirus. Event viewer just says they both crash