Horizon on windows 8

I was wondering how to download horizon for windows 8? Thanks!

If you having issues downloading it from the main Horizon download at the top of the page, try downloading it from this link instead: https://www.horizonmb.com/client/v2/latest.php

download from one of the download links listed on this site. Don’t use cnet or you’ll run the risk of getting malware. It seems to run fine under 8. You don’t need a special version.

If it doesn’t work click "Troubleshoot Compatibility and choose from “Windows XP” (I had a Windows XP it worked fine with horizon) “Windows Vista” And “Windows 7” (I also have a windows 7 it works fine with horizon)
Any more errors after that? Right click “Horizon” and click on “Run as Administrator”

i dont know. but when i downloaded it for my new laptop and did a virus scan. it gave me a trojan. as much as i hate too. i wont be downloading it again. it crashed my new laptop. was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem.

Horizon has two official download links. One that is seen on the website, the main download, which comes with third party software that cannot be verified as safe. You may avoid the third party software by denying its right to install (hitting no). The second horizon download is the one that we members post that contains no third party software and is up-to-date.

OP’s question has been answered multiple times in this post, no need for further replies.