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Horizon: Skyrim mods

Okay, I’m new here and I might not know if there is, but I’m using the Horizon mod and, it’s helped with GTA V, Halo Reach, and Borderlands. I was also looking for Skyrim, but it doesn’t have anything mods for it. It has Oblivion mods, but not Skyrim. Wemod Devs, umm, please add something for Skyrim on Horizon. Something just like for Oblivion, that would be so fun.

Well I’m not a wemod dev but since they ain’t making games or anything for 360 the interest has been moved to making PC trainers. No one is working on horizon anymore. Should be a load of mods on the internet. Use the search button up top right on here

Is there any way to run a Skyrim mod from another website through horizon? I’ve found some on other websites, but whenever I try to run it through it has an invalid STFS error and I’m not sure if I can fix it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ya sure. Download a save and drag it over from desktop into horizon.
Invalid Stfs package means wrong file extension
Needs to be an extension the xbox can read