Horizon Update Malfunction

I recently re-subscribed to diamond to mod Forza Motorsport 4. However, upon opening Horizon on my computer, Horizon stated it required and update. When I clicked that I would like to install, it takes me to the WeMod home page and downloads Horizon. After going through the installer and opening the app again, it states that the update is required once again. I tried uninstalling all Horizon programs and reinstalling, but this has no effect. Given the option to skip the update, I could use Horizon offline. However, I need my diamond permissions, and this is effectively wasting my diamond subscription. Thank you for your help.

*Update: Rather than request installation again the installer now only gives the option to uninstall after agreeing to update

There’s been other cases of that happening. Try what @Chris suggested doing here: Horizon not fully installing updates

I’ve removed excess files associated with Horizon and now Horizon will not properly install, even after running as admin through the installer.

Try downloading it from here: https://wemod.s3.amazonaws.com/horizon/Horizon-Setup.exe

You should disable your AV/Firewall and make sure you are on the admin account while installing it.

I downloaded the horizon setup and it ran perfectly and after i clicked finished, i tried opening a shortcut it left on my desktop. it gives me the error “The item referred to by this shortcut cannot be accessed. You may not have the appropriate permissions.” i already had horizon but it needed to update. that is what happened when i tried to do the setup for both the update and horizon. someone help me!