Horizon with wine

im on linux trying to install horizon through wine but when i try to open up the setup it brings me to this

No need to make 2 threads about it mate…
Well it’s obvious that this is not the Horizon installer. Thing is I’m not sure how exactly wine works but it might be a compatibility issue. Horizon is solely made for windows. Since wine is not an emulator it might just not have the right let’s say tools to open Horizon completely

ok. i downloaded it straight from we mod so i didnt know if it was an issue from my end or the other

The thing is, it installs just fine, this Dehadebo?,but it is really just jibberish once installed.

Use this download: https://wemod.s3.amazonaws.com/horizon/setup/Horizon-Setup.exe

I tried the download on my MacBook Air and it installs fine via wine but doesn’t launch, any tips on how to sort that or a video to explain this?

No, you will just have to figure that out yourself. Horizon has windows dependencies like framework 3.5. You will need to get those installed somehow.

hey so i downloaded it from the link you gave and it installed but it wont open. can you explain why?

Horizon is made for windows and needs dependencies like framework 3.5 you will need that installed somehow

you can install the .NET Framework 3.5 through Bottles or through Playonlinux, which makes it easier to install Windows applications on Linux. I recommend doing some research on the subject (Note: Bottles are Better!)