Horizon won't open

When i press the icon, It shows the logo and nothing happens after that. Same problem on my brothers laptop, Don’t know if iv been banned from it or its the computers ?..Anyone help me please, Guide me through it or via TeamViewer, Thanks :smile:

Is your anti-virus disabled?

Make sure your firewall or anti-virus allows “Horizon” to open.

Yes i have that and Windows Firewall Disabled.

Do you have windows 8 or what type of pc are you on?

The first thing you could try is going here:


Delete the following folders called;



If you cannot fine your AppData Folder, please follow this tutorial on how to find it:

How to Show AppData Folder

Once you have done that, please try to run Horizon again.

What makes you think you may have been banned?

Iv got Windows 7 Ultimate on an Acer 5332

You tried that last night on TeamViewer and i tried it there and still no luck.

I seen another post on this down along the threads and he said he could of been banned and Cheater commented saying he unbanned him.

Anyone else able to help me out with this ?

Heeeelllllppppp me please, Really want to get this working again.

I have a similar problem, except mine says “Horizon has stopped working”. It worked earlier today, but stopped after I restarted my computer. I have a windows 7, firewall always allowing Horizon. Deleting xboxmb and the xeno file do not help, nor does downloading the newest version or running in compatibility/admin. Help! I die a little inside each time I see “Horizon has stopped working”, and I sunk four hours into troubleshooting before this!

Sometime there is an error with in the move.

Seeing as you have Windows 7, you already have .net 3.5 installed. If not, download and install it here:

Download: .NET Framework 3.5 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

Once installed, please restart you computer.
Once restarted, run Horizon as Administrator.

if you already have 3.5 on your PC/Laptop, download and run this:


Once downloaded and ran, you will have no .net framework. Simply, restart your computer and you’ll have an icon to install 3.5 on your desktop, simply install it then restart once again.

Once restarted, run Horizon as Admin.

it wont allow me to finish installing .net

.net just stops installing near the end

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