Horizon Wont start Up!

I am at my wits end with this ■■■■, this tool wont start.

I have added it to my exclusion list in my anti virus i have deleted the 2 files in appdata, i have disabled my anti virus, uninstalled both the tool and the anti virus tried without an internet connection and jack ■■■■ is happening.

Plz help me

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Right click the Horizon.exe on your desktop and go to properties and see whether in the General tab there is an option that says “Unblock.”

Nope, There is no option that says unblock

i have tried turning off my firewall, adding horizon to the exclusion list, and still nothing fukin happens

You might try these steps here
(Error message upon trying to open)

Same thing is happening to me :frowning:

download this and let me know.



i hope with this we can close off this thread:

Thank you for helping me! Works fine Now!

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