Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

be sure to turn off your anti vir software guys… mine just crashed the game and deleted wemod.exe and steam.exe, because both files “contain a known virus”
had to uninstall and reinstall steam and had to download my games again, because they were corrupted …

Hey @thaclone. :slight_smile:

Here’s the fix for the false positive your antivirus throws at WeMod: Wemod failed loading the cheats into your game.


Getting weird issue which I think happens if I have super damage cheat enabled. If I call in a mount that’s not near me, it ends up dying on the spot when it spawns. Doesn’t happen for a mount that has previously been spawned in but is just far away from you, has to be a mount you’ve previously overridden but then it got killed. So only seems to affect newly spawned ones.

Easy to repro: if you have a old mount spawned kill it, then by using the call mount+ skill, call a new one in.

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teleport doesn’t work well for me. I set a waypoint and press the hotkey and then it spawns me in the middle of the air flying down and not at the precise location. The teleport cheat on death stranding worked much better as i was instantly at my waypoint (no flying down or anything)

Is this safe to use for Horizon Zero Dawn?

Yes for singleplayer like all trainers are for. Not for online

@MrAntiFun is there a fix to the multiply arrows shot while unlimited items is on it makes it hard to complete certain quest when you need a precision shot. thank you for your hard work.

What if you turn off unlimited items then ?
Dont need to leave the cheats on after you click it on

Godmode and super damage dont work for me, for the rest great work

teleport makes me teleport in the sky at the same location

There are instructions right next to the option that explain how to use it. I just got done playing the game and every option I used work perfectly, Teleport included. Just have to make sure God mode is on when you use it so you don’t die on impact.


helpful thank you


HI :slight_smile: Loving all the work. (been a big fan of MrAntiFun for a long time even before wemod)

Would love to see a “Freeze Timer” option for the hunting trials.

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Super dmg and teleport not working for me

During a quest where you have to Override a machine, just make sure you toggle off your cheats for it, as it messes up the Override and kills the machine instead.

you can use the unlimited items cheat to get unlimited power cells for the ancient armory quest however the quest doesn’t complete once you pick the armor up and you dont get the armor. anyone know a way around this?

I think that quest toggles quest flags as you gain each power cell so if you haven’t actually gotten all the power cells you haven’t actually progressed the quest to the correct point. You don’t get the armor as a pickup you get it as a quest reward. You actually have to finish each step of the quest to complete the quest.

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Its not an issue, but more like an addition. Easy craft gives bows a really quick reload and basically almost instant reload for all weapon. (spear doesn’t count, also corruption from your spear doesn’t count too)

P.S. Love the trainer, you are literally the best trainer creator out there. Been using your stuff since borderland.

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Can anyone help 'cause I’ve tried whatever I can think of but still can’t get them to work. Tried it on both of the current available versions.

Everything works for me but three options:

God Mode & Super Damage - Activates for a few seconds then deactivates.
Teleport to Waypoint - Just doesn’t work. Nothing happens when pressing the hotkey after setting a waypoint.


it doesnt work on me

God mode
Super Damage

Please fix this :frowning: