Hotkeys ignoring ALT

So when i play games for instance going forward in most games use W. when i press W to walk ingame a cheat is activated which required me to press ALT + W. Why is that? my keyboard is fine. It has happened in multiple games and it’s not only for W or Alt it can be if you require CTRL + S to.

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Make sure you do not have Alt lock or Sticky Keys enabled on your computer (not your keyboard). In this case it sounds like you have sticky keys turned on (so Alt, Ctrl, etc are behaving like caps lock - have to be turned on/off with use).

  • To turn off Alt lock, hold ALT and NumLock together.

  • Another method to turn off locked prefix keys is to press them one after the other in this order while on your desktop:
    Left Ctrl, Left Shift, Left Alt, Right Ctrl, Right Shift, Right Alt

  • Depending on your keyboard type, the function key (Fn) can sometimes be used to lock some keys. Make sure you haven’t done this accidentally.

  • To turn off Sticky Keys, press Shift 5 times in a row.

Otherwise, you can change the hotkeys in the trainer. Simply click the hotkey and then press the desired key or combination of keys on your keyboard.

Hello i Deleted all my keybindings by pressing Del when binding. I do not have sticky keys and my keyboard doesen’t have FN function thanks for the fast reply. Not sure if my alt lock is on tho. thanks :slight_smile: