Hotkeys stop working after a while

So, I’ve noticed over a few days that the hotkeys just stop working after a while. I’m not exactly sure on the time, but I think it’s over an hour or two in usually. It’s happened to me on MHW and FarCry 5 so far.

The program just stops accepting input for some reason. Can’t turn cheats on, can’t turn them off either. I don’t know if this is a known issue or not, or if something that has been around for a while as I didn’t use hot keys until recently.


I have the same problem with: The Hunter- Call of the Wild!!! hotkeys stop working after about 10 min. Remote also not working

Mine definitely lasts longer than 10 minutes. It’s only on really extended times that I’ve noticed the problem, and I don’t play for that long all that often. At least not with cheats (since usually I’m playing with other people if I play for that long).


Is the only fix restarting the app?

I believe so. To be honest I didn’t try turning off the trainer first. I just exited and rebooted WeMod. You know, the old adage of ‘Turn it off and back on’ that usually holds true.

I can normally turn on and off them in dark souls but they stop working and take a while to reactivate. It may just be the a few games that cause the problem and specifically not being able to even activate them, but just waiting should work

I have the same problem with Medieval Dynasty. I’ve done EVERYTHING and NOTHING helps. This has happened at least a dozen times - just as I begin to make progress on the game and get a good start, the hot keys (also movement keys) stop functioning. So I contacted support and the only answer I received is “we’ve not run into this problem before.” as if I made it up. They offered no solution.